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"I saw how Ayurveda helped me, right from the core, and thought of the rest of the world, feeling, 'Ayurveda needs to be known in the West."
Avi Farzan, President of Amrita Veda

The Staff at Amrita Veda

Avi Farzan, President:
   "We started Amrita Veda in June 2000 by hosting a clinic in upstate New York. For four days, people who had heard filled the waiting room and sat outside waiting for a chance to have their pulse read. Since then, there's been a great response from hundreds of people. People have really been helped. It has changed their health dramatically and also their lives.

"When I took the Amrita Veda herbs in India, they gave me back my energy and enthusiasm. I felt so much better about everything, at all levels -- health-wise and emotionally.

"When we first started Amrita Veda, I realized Ayurvedic treatment is not an overnight solution like we're used to in America. Ayurveda helps, but we have to give it time. We have to respect Ayurveda and look at our bodies from a different perspective. As well as taking the herbs, listening to the doctor's advice about diet and lifestyle is just as important. If you give your body the right food, the herbs do a great job. The herbs are also food. For them to work, we need to work with them. "The idea behind the company is not only to bring a better health system to the West; it's also to help different charitable organizations with their work in the world -- not just in India -- but in America, too."

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phone: 858.437.4433

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